How to choose the right shoes: tips and tricks

Nowadays, many of us use the shoes not only for running, fitness or sports, but also in everyday life, they are a fixture in every human being.

Manufacturers often seek not simply to satisfy our need to create different kinds of shoes, depending on the purpose of their further use, but also use all kinds of marketing moves to boost sales of its brand.

We offer all the same to find out what are the shoes, what is the difference between them, and also help you choose the best option for each of us.

What should be the athletic shoes

Fitness shoes should be selected more carefully than clothes. sneaker model must strictly correspond to the type of fitness that you are doing – universal models “for all” does not happen!

True, there may be trade-offs – fitness cardio training shoes for quite “allowed” in the gym.

The general rule for fitness shoes – it should be easy, convenient, accurate fit your size and fitness for mobile species – good to keep the ankle.

Running shoes

The main task of these trainers is to mitigate the impacts of the foot on the surface, they should be well-amortize “extinguish” the force of impact of the foot to minimize the destructive impact of running on the spine and knee joints.

Yes, yes, running – it’s not just pumped cardiovascular system. If you select the wrong shoes, and, of course, unpointed technology, vertical impact load on the intervertebral discs, foot and knee joints leads to their destruction and the emergence of unpleasant symptoms.

Basic requirements for such shoes: lightness, breathability, good shock absorption

Appearance: Low, with a massive heel and upturned toe cap for easy rolling from heel to toe while running low backdrop.

The top is made usually of a grid with inserts made of artificial or genuine leather.

jogging shoes provided with exaggerated roller, which prevents the ankle from rubbing.

Advice in the selection: Put on your favorite pair of rolls and the feet back and forth. If outsole helps guide the movement – a pair for you.

Fitness Trainers

The main objective of this type of shoe is to protect the ankle joint at loads.

Basic requirements: sufficient altitude, weightlessness, flexibility and availability of air bags in the toe portion of the sole.

Appearance: similar to closed shoes with solid soles thick with softly expressed relief. In special sole figure is possible, for example, a circle in the center of the bow, for easier rotation.

The top should be made of tight material, but with ventilation. Such shoes for tap dance, aerobics, strength training, and interval training.

The Council reached by selecting as fitness activities involve large muscle activity and frequent changes of position, make sure that the shoes helps you keep your balance. When buying a vote hardness of the sole – too soft soles can not ensure the stability of the foot.

Casual shoes

The main task of such shoes is reduced to the fact that its owner should experience maximum convenience and comfort of wearing it.

While walking one foot always touching the ground. It affects the effort in two directions: the heel strike the ground and move forward. Experiencing such a load, the foot should not be tired even after hours of continuous walking.

Basic requirements: user-friendliness, ease and practicality. Trainers should be well withstand any type of road surface.

Appearance: ventilation openings at the top and on the sides. This will help the feet to “breathe” and will not even tired feet after a long walk. Tread soles should be shallow and flexible, this will avoid the ingress of small stones and other road debris into the tread.

The top of such shoes often made of textiles or a combination of leather and synthetic high-tech.

Advice in the selection: buy shoes in the afternoon or evening, as by this time a little leg swells, and sneakers not prove you are small on the following day. This advice is applicable to any type of shoe.

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