How to choose sneakers in 2019

“Trainers can be attributed to a universal type of footwear, they are well suited for both men and women of different ages. It is comfortable, practical and relatively inexpensive shoes, suitable for any occasion.

Before buying shoes recommended to clearly define the purpose for which purchased shoes. Walking around the city, jogging in the park, gym, to work, etc. Basically, all types of shoes can be divided into two types: sports and everyday use.

How to choose a quality running shoes?

Purchase of shoes to start with the search for a suitable store. It is best to stop the election on a specialized shoe store, because there is a chance to buy high-quality shoes and get expert advice is much higher than in the retail outlets of the city. After selecting the appropriate store, and even liked any pair of sneakers, you must perform a thorough visual inspection of the liked model for assessing the quality of products:

Check inner and outer sides of the shoe, to examine the sole.

Check lacing.

Notice how the stitched shoes as straight lines.

Check the accuracy of the bonded parts of footwear.

Carefully read the labels with information about the product, it should be borne in mind that the size of nets standards may vary, depending on the manufacturer of the region.

If any elements of shoes cause you doubt how best should consider before purchasing these shoes, so you do not regret making a purchase.

How to choose the right shoes?

Do not choose shoes, focusing exclusively on the figure – like or dislike. Quality shoes should be well to keep the ankle, to be strong enough to withstand high loads, the feet they should be comfortable and at the same time to look stylish and beautiful.

What are the shoes you choose?

When choosing shoes, it is worth to look at the soles. Small relief soles – an indicator of the traditional casual shoes. Sole relief depth is a characteristic difference for the active shoe hanging outdoors. Shallow but thick sole relief – sneakers for the gym. When purchasing shoes for walking around the city, especially in areas with heavy traffic, it is possible to give priority to models with reflectors – precautions are never superfluous.

How to determine what the best running shoes?

The usefulness of sneakers determined their destiny. If the shoes are purchased for sports, choose the model of shoes soles suit performance parameters stiffness and degree of depreciation. For example, jogging on the pavement, running shoes fit well. Such a type of shoe has improved performance stabilization and cushioning. Stabilization monitors the correct position of the feet while running, and improved shock absorption to prevent a negative impact on your joints by running on hard surfaces. Also, these shoes are made from special lightweight materials, so these shoes are comfortable and light.

If you need shoes for active pastime – pay attention to the strong top sneakers and wear-resistant soles. Travel is advisable to buy shoes with a heel stabilizer and a special loop, located on the back side of sneakers, providing additional comfort.

Running shoes are designed for loads in the gym, it is better to choose an extremely robust flat shoes without platforms. In the process of active employment are particularly important characteristics such as a shoe: seamless design, good breathability, lightweight, non-slip soles – these figures are recognized as the convenience, and the same training effectiveness.

In our online store «STEPTER» offers a wide range of shoes: men’s shoes, women’s shoes, women’s boots, shoes, shoes. All presented products are of high quality and reliability. You can choose running shoes to suit all tastes at an affordable cost.

Nowadays sneakers got the deserved popularity. Whereas previously these shoes belonged mainly to sports, now shoes are the same accessory wardrobe of any man or woman. Modern running shoes – a good combination of ease, comfort and practicality. Shoes, which has no restrictions, is perfect for training, hiking, jogging, to work (if there is no strict dress code), parties or for everyday wear in kazhual freestyle.”

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